Solos (2007) is a gay themed film, which focuses on three characters. A teacher (Lim Yu Beng) is in a relationship with his male student (Loo Zihan, co-director). While the teacher is committed to developing a proper relationship with the boy, including meeting the boy's mom (Goh Guat Kian), the boy is less faithful, and has an outside affair. The movie also deal with the mom's confrontation of her emotion, arises from the affairs around her.

Directed by Zihan Loo and Kan Lume, this gay themed film plays out its plots on a different platform of story-telling. Mostly silent, with background music occasionally, the film lets the quietness of the film to deliver the haunting messages of feelings the characters go through. The film alternates between the heavier drama portrayal (the mom) with the sexual intensity (the boy and the affair). I have been waiting to watch this film for quite some time, and I have to conclude that I was not disappointed. It was remarkable to see how Singapore has tried to challenge the boundaries of rules and regulation, and produces an admirable work. Yeah, this movie was banned, but perhaps with the ban, the film gained greater popularity too. This movie is not shy of the beauty of the male bodies. And in this case, Singapore male bodies.

Yummy. Truly yummy.


  1. Faisal Admar said...
    Unfaithful kid. That's why it's hard to keep a healthy relationship with a kid or often we call them youngster.
    Jon said...
    I agree, but in this movie, I just enjoy the display of the young guy's body. Gorgeous.

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