John Eames is separating from his lover, Harrison. Since gym workouts has built John to be a hunk, John feels like his life is taking a different direction. He is getting attention. Men now want him for sex. And yet, his sex life with Harrison has gone downhill. So, when Harrison books for them a historical tour, John makes up his mind to go on his own vacation - a gay cruise, to escape from the chain of his boring lifestyle and his boring boyfriend. But even before the gay cruise starts, John has already found himself in the arms and bed of a young Brian, who is going through the same phase as him - being HIV positive.

I don't enjoy gay books on AIDS. They are depressing. When I bought this book by Orland Outland, I had no idea that it was on a main character with AIDS problem. But I enjoy this book. Orland had managed to paint a nice picture of people living with HIV positive - that life does not have to end when one is HIV positive. Orland avoids the depressing dramatic tones when it comes to the exploration of John's life... passion, love and sex.

This book is not great. But I enjoyed it. It is quite alright.


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