No Regret is a gay themed drama film revolving the issue of Romeo-and-Juliet of the gay world. Su-Min (Young-hoon Lee) is an orphan who comes to Seoul to live in his adulthood life. He works at a factory, and drives for a part-time job. He meets Jae-Min (Nam-gil Kim) who takes a fancy on him. However, nothing materialises. However, Su-Min meets Jae-Min again at his factory, where Jae-Min is responsible to lay off workers. Su-Min is involved, and in anger, leaves the factory. Without much option, Su-Min becomes a dish-washer, before making it big as a male prostitute. Jae-Min manages to track down Su-Min, and in his several attempts, wins over Su-Min. However, Jae-Min's parents step in, leaving Jae-Min and Su-Min to question their relationship.

I have seen a few Korean gay themed film, and I have to say that this is one of my top favourite. Young-hoon and Nam-gil are just a perfect match for one another that their chemistry carries well this film. It is impressive to see a film that dwells not only the closeted relationship between the two leads, but to bring in other issues that affect Su-Min, the secret hidden from his orphanage brother, his young secret admirer's death etc.

It is a movie worthy of watching.

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  1. Mac Callister said...
    i love this movie too i saw this at youtube and thought to watch it and fell in love since and downloaded may own copy using a torrent its worth watching over and over again hehe

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