I have been busy reading. Some good books. Some bad books.

Sometimes as I read through the books, I thought of the wonderful things I would say about the books, but by the time I finished reading, I was already exhausted from reading and could not wait to start on another. I ended up, not writing any review lately on the books I had read.

I am reading now Object of Desire by William J Mann. I have several books by Mann but I did not get around to start reading them. However, this one tempted me... well, because of the cover. And I do not regret.

Danny is 41 and is involved in an open relationship with Frank. They share lovers but when Kelly comes into the picture, this time Danny wants Kelly all for himself. As we get to know Danny better, we are introduced to his past, to the day he lost his sister, Becky, and to his younger years when he first met Frank.

Maybe it was my biasness that I could not approve of Frank easily, but Kelly and Becky got me hooked on the story. I want to know more... I have not read the ending yet, but I do hope the book provides some light on Becky's disappearance. At the same time too, the obsession of 41 year old Danny to a young Kelly is too good to miss too. I turn the pages quickly when I read more on any events on Becky, and also the on-off feeling between Danny and Kelly. I like the coming of age part of a young Danny, suffering when his mom became too crazy about finding his sister and caused the family to fall apart... and his experience with Troy. Even young Danny's crush on Chipper is a delight for reading.

I'm liking the book so far... :)


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