I am reading Timeless by Patric Michael now.

Just look at the cover. Nice, isn't it? Makes me wanna read so that I can know what the characters of this book are like.. and of course, it helps to imagine the cute boy on the cover is the main character, Nate.

Nate befriends Andy ever since the first day he tutors Andy. So, the story goes the friendship these two share - Andy and his girl, and Nate with his Tony. They went through the college and then into the working world. Time changes. Years pass by. But they stay friends.

And then, one day, Nate kisses Andy, just to find that the kiss is returned.

Awwwwwwe.... Cute, right?

I was bored. I don't buy a story where Nate has to assume that Andy is straight for like more than... from what I felt I had read.. 10 years, and Andy, who likes Nate too, never acts on it, although the feeling is there.

I am okay if Andy is questioning himself for months.. but years? Sigh.

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  1. Patric said...
    Hi Jon!

    Thank you for reading and reviewing Timeless.

    I'm vaguely disappointed that the story didn't quite stroke you the right way, but alas, it is a fact of life that not everyone's G-spot is in exactly the same place. :)

    Thanks again for taking the time!


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