I have put off watching Dostana (2008) for quite some time. I did not feel any big hoo-ha to rush and watch this film for the simplest reasons - recycled idea and somehow, I had this feeling that the movie would belittle the gay community.

I was right, to a certain irritating extent.

There were claims made that this was one Bollywood movie that crossed over the taboo subject and how it would bring a great excitement to gay communities in India, as well as the gay communities in other countries which had hoped to see something good from Bollywood. 

It is funny how people forget the famous Fire (1996) where the news centered on the lesbian kiss scene. Dostana was definitely not the first gay themed from India - namely My Brother.. Nikhil (2005), anotther irritating gay themed film The Pink Mirror (2006), Yours Emotionally (2005) and Mango Souffle (2004).

Why did I even watch Dostana? Watch the clip below. That was the ONLY good reason.

Why I did not like Dostana? I did not understand why Abhishek Bachchan was chosen for this film, opposite such a good hunky factor - John Abraham. Abhishek could hardly open his shirt, because John was doing that already for almost every scene near the beach. It was like a inferior product struggling not to drown, standing beside the gorgeous John.

Dostana banked on a recycled story - guys pretending to be gays in order to be near gays, or even to get a rented room - Think even the classic Three's Company. As well as the others - I Now Pronounced You Larry & Chuck (2007), Partner(s) (2005), Three to Tango (1999) etc. But Dostana did the crime of painting gays as sissies, who walked and talked like girls, giggled like girls and.. and.. basically were softies. Did the director and screenwriters do any research before producing such crap??

Neha, who was supposed to be the girl the guys fell in love with, would have won the award as the most air-headed fag hag in the world? At least with other movies of such nonsense theme, there was decency for the gay pretenders to share one bed. Here, the two guys took two separate rooms. Wasn't she even curious how many times the supposed gay couple made love? And how the two guys would casually walk into separate bedrooms when they came back from outing together... Oh yeah, don't even get me started on her strutting her stuff in front of the guys at the beach... And why was she often in the middle of the two guys?? What was her agenda? Separate guys all the time, whom she thought to be lovers?

Point is.. the director movie is an idiot.

I am too upset with the film. To console myself..


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