I have not blogged about movies lately, although I did come across a few good ones for the past few months. Some B-Grade USA gay themed films are seriously going to kill the gay industry, but for now, thank goodness we have a few nice ones.

I like "Is It Just Me?" No, it is not a first-class production - a movie to match Brokeback Mountain, Bent or Torch Song Trilogy, but it is feel-good gay themed film to match Trick, Latter Days or Jeffrey.

Blaine finds it difficult to find the right guy. Most gays he is aware of is into sex and hunky guys. So, he is not exactly fitting into the picture. It does not help either that his housemate is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk, who has man after man coming in for a tasty supper.

So, when Blaine bumps into Xander at the cafe, and then later on in the cybercafe, it is a challenging task for Blaine to face his insecurity, especially after a tough obstacle is placed in his path to be closer to Xander. Xander thinks that Blaine's hot housemate, Cameron, is Blaine.

I like this movie from the start. The acting is not Oscar-level, but still, it is not pathetic where it turns off the fun of watching this light, love story. The storyline is alright and the chemistry is great. Now, if only we can get Cameron off this movie poster so that the real focus of the show will be only on the two lovable Blaine and Xander.

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  1. Nikola said...
    I can't wait to see this, it sounds really good. A lot of gay movies are usually terrible when it comes to direction, acting and everything else, though everyone's been saying good stuff about this one. :)

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