Okay. I am one season behind, but I just thought of checking out Greek to find out what the hype is all about this gay boy Calvin Owens (Paul James). I chose this episode, well.. for the episode title sake, and this season is supposed to be the season to break the taboo of Dawson's Creek's Jack, as in gays do have love life.

And you know what. I was impressed. I did not really know Michael's role, but Michael (Max Greenfield), who is Calvin's boyfriend, brings a nervous Calvin to a gay club. It is Calvin's first time, and so, Calvin drags his sister along, who brings along a depressed female friend who needs some cheering up. Where can a depressed girl be cheered up better? None other than gay club, where the guys are hot, and they are always complimenting on the girls on how hot the girls looked.

I love the dialogs. From the straight guys are insensitive to the others... I'm loving this tv series.


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