I don't normally like a gay themed movie with non-attractive male leads. I know. I am shallow. So, 15 seconds into the movie, and when I saw the male lead of Venkovsky Ucitel, I was not sure if I could sit through the whole movie. But I did. This gay themed film was one of the rare good gay films out there. The teacher escaped his life by coming to the country side. And when he was asked why did he come, I was interested.

So, what is this movie about?

It's about this male teacher, Petr (Pavel Liska). With this new female friend, Marie (Zuzana Bydzovska). Who is interested in him.
But he is interested in this one, Lada (Ladislav Sedivy). Who is her teen son.

Who is interested in this girl.

Who has a fling with the teacher's ex who drops by to check on the teacher.
One thing led to another, and the son ran away to look for his ex-girlfriend. He ran away because the teacher betrayed his trust, when the teacher did a bad bad thing at night when he passed out. And the teacher needed the boy to forgive him badly, but the boy would not. Only the boy's mother did.

I still think the movie is well-made.


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