This is the first Asian gay novel that I have bought and completed reading. A good gay book, I have to admit. From the first page onwards, I wsa already hooked.

Peculiar Chris is a gay novel about a teenage Chirs growing up, as a gay boy, hoping for acceptance in Singapore. From his first mixed up pretentious relationship with Sylvia, to his actual first - Ken, and his friendship with Nicholas, a brief affair with Jack and finally, Samuel.

I was hooked when I read. I was hooked and wanted to know more about him and Ken. I wanted to know Sylvia's reaction to her finding out that he was gay (which the book did not cover) and perhaps to his life in Singapore, after being labeled as a 3-0-2, as in 3 over 3, which means 1 1/2. 1 for male, and 2 for female.

This is a must-have book for gay books collectors, but I have to say that since this book was the first book written by Johann, I forced myself to understand how the characters in the book was portrayed to be in self-control, and not obsessed with wild sex, unlike the stereotyping that is going around in the society about the gay community.

Chris is one who is obviously not into that much sex. No sleeping around, and neither are his friends. No experimenting. And for a 20 year old guy, I think he goes through a lot, and seems to be very matured for his age.

I did not like at all the ending that was brought up to the Lan Yu level. I hate Lan Yu's ending, and I hate AIDS plot, and I still don't see why the book has to be ended in that way. And why the screw up in a Johor hospital? Is there a need to end gay books in tragic?

But still, for all the pages until the unnecessary last few chapters, I find myself liking Johann's way of writing. : )


  1. Anonymous said...
    glad to know that you enjoyed the book. keep the enjoyable posts coming!

    -love, from singapore
    Anonymous said...
    if u like his first book, try his second one - To Know Where I'm Coming From.

    the author's working on part 3 at the moment. :)
    KittyCat said...
    Hi! I read this book more than 10 years ago and glad to see that a gay person enjoyed it too.

    Yes, I agree with you that somehow most gay themed movies/books end on an AIDS note. "Brokeback Mountain" didn't, though :-)

    Did you know that he's republished 'Peculiar Chris'? Also, it's been adapted for the stage in Singapore.

    You can get more details from my review :-)

    I don't understand why the book cover isn't available on Amazon. I can't seem to find it on JPG anywhere either!

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