The Winter of Our Discotheque is a novel focusing on the struggle of Tony Alexamenos, a drop dead gorgeous teenager, discovered by wealthy Dallas Eden. Although Dallas lusts for Tony, he never touches Tony, with hope that one day Tony may return his gestures of care and devotion to Tony. Tony falls for Connecticut and they both leave for New York, where it becomes a city of heartbreak and challenge for Tony. When Connecticut leaves, and Dallas passes away, Tony depends on Val to pick up his waning career as a male model and his sad love life.

This was a book that got me hooked when I read the first page. It was engrossing the way Tony was described, which made it steamy hot even just to read the description of Tony. I was eager to settle down for an erotic read.

Unfortunately, that was the best the book went. After that, the love and sex lives of Tony were just too pathetic, and the struggles of Tony was too fast-paced for enjoyment. It seemed like Tony was a magnet for loser guys, and it did not make the reading delightful. It was too sad, and not even hot, as in erotic, enough to demand for my attention. Sad.

Still, I was glad that I did finish the book, and know what this book is about.


  1. savante said...
    Totally kewl book ( with such a great title! ). Read it a while back as well.
    Faisal Admar said...
    ah jon, sell to me! ;) i'm reading "the lucky one" by nicholas sparks. its nothing gay.
    Jon said...
    Daniel, I collect. It's meant for my collection although I didn't really like it. :( Tell you what.. get to know me more and eventually, I can show you my book collection, and we can talk.

    I have not read Nicholas Sparks's work, although I have his The Notebook novel, which also I thought is the best love movie ever. E-v-e-r.

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