Goran (Gustaf Skarsgard) and Sven (Torkel Petersson) had always wanted a child of their own. The only way possible for them was to adopt. So, they signed up, wishing and wanting a child of their own... The good news came, and they were prepared for a baby boy named Patrik. Aged 1.5 years old. The baby room was already decorated in baby blue, to fit the welcome. And then, Patrik (Thomas Ljungman), aged 15 years old, showed up. There was a mix-up. But it was not as bad as when homophobic Patrik found out that Goran and Sven were gays.

It was a nice time to spend, to watch a pleasant well-made movie. Patrik's presence was unwelcomed, but Goran was more patient to deal with the situation, while the tougher Sven was hostile. It put a pressure on their relationship. The matter became worse when Sven left, leaving Goran to face the adoption of Patrik on his own. Just when Goran became warmer to Patrik, the Adoption Agency informed Goran that he had to reapply, as the earlier approval was for the gay couple, and not for a single gay Goran. Without any solution, Patrik would have to be sent back to the institution.

Nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in Guldbagge Awards (2009).


  1. Faisal Admar said...
    I watched the trailer in Youtube and I guess it suppose to be a sad movie?

    Hopefully I can make it on 14th :)
    Jon said...
    Dare I recommend a sad movie when Logan has already complaint about tragic ending?

    I like movies with good endings for the gays.

    You are not joining???? :(
    Faisal Admar said...
    Ah ok! It's hard to find a happy ending for this genre.

    Don't worry, 90% of the possibility I'll be going :)

    So, see you on 14th.
    Mac Callister said...
    when is this going to shown?is this an english movie?
    Jon said...
    It's a Swediah movie, Mac C. :D

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