You know what I like about this gay novel? The flashback to the 80's themes - TVs, Movies, Music. Facts of Life, The Cover-up, Dynasty. Holding Out For A Hero, That's What Friends Are For, Friends And Lovers. You know what I prefer not to like about this gay book? Andrea, Betsy and thousand other girls' names, when I was eager for more connection between Jack, Brad and Joey.

This gay themed book is about Jack, growing up, denying that he is like that. So, in 3/4 denial, he tries to date girls, and one after another, the girls end the relationship with him. And it is not making it easy for him to be labeled as a Band Fag, along with his best friend, Brad. And while Jack is good at scoring A's, he is nowhere as popular as Brad.

When his younger-years best friend, Joey, returns to the neighborhood and is all good-looking and all that, Jack has to confront his feeling for guys. And when Jack eventually asks Joey what if he kisses him, Joey says he will return the kiss.. which makes Jack chickens out.. until Truth-or-Dare's Dare leads to the Joey Kiss.

Somewhere along the line, Jack experiments with Brad, but the denial and frustration shake their best-buddies relationship.

I enjoy Band Fag! by Frank Anthony Polito. But really, what's with the thousand girls?

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  1. Frank Anthony Polito said...
    Hey, Jon!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my book and for posting your thoughts...

    What can I say? When you're a confused gay boy growing up in the 80s, you make friends with a lot of girls!

    I'd love to chat more. Email me: bandfags[at]yahoo[dot]com

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