Japan has been generous with Asian gay themed films to feed those who wish to have Asian flavour at times in indulging gay love. We have great films, like Gohatto, Like A Grain of Sand, Hush!, Alumni Reunion etc.

Sukitomo is another Japanese offering on male-to-male love, although in this film, the love is silenced. None of the male leads talked of their feelings. Yoshiko (Hiroki Aiba) carried a torch for the boxer friend, Tomokazu (Takumi Saito), who felt the same in return, although none of them tried to act on it. Misao (Komatsu Airi) remained the only one who could ruin any hope of Tomokazu to be with Yoshiko, although at the end, she was the one who reunited them. Misao was in love with Tomokazu, her stepfather's adopted son, and hence, initially tried to separate the two guys.

Not an outstanding film, but at least it did not carry the typical manga-style comical performance. Still, an okay film to enjoy.


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