I watched this film several years ago, and did not pay much attention to it, as I thought the film was concentrating too much on the female actress, and Leslie Jordan as a cross-dresser??? Nah... Not my interest.

But I did note Kirk Geiger (Ty) as the gay son. And I always have a soft spot for Olivia Newton-John. So, since that Logoonline is airing the tv series, and AfterElton's members had voted this movie as one of the Top 50 gay films (if I am not mistaken), I thought it was time to watch it again. This time, to pay as much attention as possible.

Sordid Lives is a gay film about dealing with one's sexuality. Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan) institutionalized for more than 20 years, because he likes boys. This makes it difficult for his nephew, Ty, to come out. So, when Ty's grandma passes away, it is a difficult decision for Ty to come back to his hometown.

There are a number of fun and funny characters throughout this movie, and I am glad that I sat through to watch this movie for the second time. You know what? I am having a different opinion of Leslie Jordan this time. Without him, I think this movie is less fun.

And Kirk Geiger is simply gorgeous. Attention! Butt-view available... Hehehe... Yum.

And now, I can watch Sordid Lives, the tv series, without feeling lost of who is who, and why this and that. : )

Sordid Lives won Best Feature awards in Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival 2000, Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2000 and New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (2000 Summer). Leslie Jordan won Best Actor award in New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (2000 Summer). The Soundtrack was awarded (Audience Award) Outstanding Soundtrack by L.A. Outfest (2000).


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