Okay. Look. I am shallow. I love a gay themed film with beautiful male lead. And I love a gay themed film with beautiful story. Like Latter Days. Like Trick. Like Get Real.

And then, I met Torch Song Trilogy.

There's this Arnold (Harvey Fierstein), an effeminate gay who works as woman impersonator. By my shallow standard, I would not have liked this movie. I fell in love with the movie, the moment the brilliant monologues by Arnold played at the beginning. They were witty. They were catchy. And Harvey was superb.

Arnold met bisexual Ed (Brian Kerwin). They started a hopeless affair, as Ed did not have the courage to confront his sexual orientation. For this, Arnold suffered, and even more, when Arnold caught Ed with another woman.

Then, Arnold met young Alan (Matthew Broderick). Arnold rejected the idea of a relationship at the beginning, but Alan persisted. A beautiful relationship blossomed. However, things were not meant to be for Arnold, when in the midst of trying to set up a family of their own, Alan met a tragedic death, leaving Arnold with their new adopted gay son.

Arnold coped to the best possible, until his mom showed up, forcing Arnold to confront his situation with his mom, Ed and his gay adopted son.

After watching this show, I want to adopt a Jewish family. This movie is a gem.

Torch Song Trilogy won Deauville Film Festival 1989 Audience Award.


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