In 2006, Kotaro Terauchi directed a commercially successful gay themed dvd film - Boys Love. So popular, that Korato came up with a theater version of Boys Love, with an entirely different story.

Boys Love 2, the gay themed film, was released in 2007, with Yoshikazu Kotani returned as the male lead again. This time, he is a teacher, Aoi. Who has sex with a male prostitute Sora (Atsumi Kanno) when Aoi was dumped by his girlfriend. And Sora turns out to be Aoi's new student. So, drama begins. And with even more drama, when Sora's roommate, Mizuki (Yuki Kawakubo), carries the torch for Sora. But Mizuki is constantly bullied by the school closet, Hanazono (Kazunori Tani).

Halfway watching this movie, I just had to laugh. I thought I was a drama queen at times, but the characters in this movie make me speechless. Aoi gets nervous when he realises that students are not allowed to have phones in school. Saro has a phone, and in his phone - Aoi's number. And Aoi distances himself from Saro because Saro never surrenders the phone to Aoi.

I don't get it with Atsumi Kanno's hair. I find it funny when a guy looks less than ordinary and yet he is being constantly praised as the most popular and looking all that cool.. when in the show, he looked horrible - like an escaped male ghost from Ju-On.

Who I think is hot? The teacher - Yoshikazu Kotani. Or Yuki Kawakubo. Or pan-pacific looking Kazunori Tani. Anyone but Atsumi Kanno. So, I don't get it with this movie poor casting.

And when Mizuki was shunned out, there's hardly any compassion from Saro. I don't get it. I secretly wish the teacher would end up with Mizuki, or even Hanazono.

Watch it, for the love of all the Bishonens (beautiful boys) of Japan in this movie. Ignore Astumi's bad hair.


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