When I first read the first few chapters of the gay novel Boston Boys Club, I could not help but to link the characters to the QAF characters - Brian, Michael and Emmett. But as the pages turn further, Tommy, Rico and Kyle were established in their own foundation, and less linked to my obsession of QAF.

Tommy believes in the one-and-only. Unfortunately, he is not that lucky in the love department, and 30 is catching up. So, he hangs out at Club Cafe every Thursday night, because Thursday night is the busiest night, where there are more gays than other nights. There, he meets Mikey, who seems to be perfect in every way... until Mikey drinks at Club Cafe. There's when Tommy's tested on how much he is willing to bear with Mikey's alternate personality.

Rico is Tommy's best friend. A muscle stud who is very much like Samantha of Sex & the City, where sex is mightier than love. Rico does not like Mikey. And neither does he like the idea of guys hanging around after sex. Until a certain captain parks his boat in Boston...

Kyle wants to have attention all the time. But he is already a fading star, since his days in a reality tv show, where he was caught naked in the bathtub sandwiched between his boyfriend and a pick-up guy. Kyle needs a miracle, and desperately seeks to be a star again, until his blood test result comes out positive.

Boston Boys Club by Johnny Diaz is a light-reading book material. Enjoyable.

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  1. Johnny Diaz said...
    Thanks Jon for reading BBC and for the review. I appreciate it :) I hope you enjoy my other titles too.

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