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"The shortest distance between friends isn't always a straight line."

" likeable.." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Suntimes

If there is a good popcorn gay film for gay friends to gather together to watch, laugh together and sulk together, it would have to be this film - The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy. But then again, I am still puzzled with the need to identify itself as a romantic comedy in its title.

This is the one film that one can catch Dean Cain (the superman, but without his red brief) in a gay role. And also a film to see the young Andrew Keegan sharing lips-to-lips kiss with Timothy Olyphant.

The Broken Hearts is about a group of gay friends, who stick to one another through the daily, weekly turbulence - upsets, happy moments, hardship etc. There's Dennis (Timothy) who complains not about his lack of boyfriend. Who kicks a cute guy out when the guy does not think The Carpenters are romantic. There's Cole (Dean) who sleeps with guys and dumps them. Until he is dumped by a closet star, Kip (Michael Bergin). There is the newbie, Kevin (Andrew) who discovers uneasily the gay life aka One Night Stand, where he is dumped by Cole the next time when Cole eyes a new catcher in the field (Kerr Smith). Benji (Zach Braff aka Scrubs) is a guy who finds new friends, and new problem to deal with; drugs. And there are more...

What is pleasing about this gay themed film is that the lines were written really good, that I am amazed with the could-actually-be-happening gay events in life. Something that could have happened in any gay's life.

There are so many scenes to love and to laugh in that film. I like it when more are called in to identify if Howie is gay. Or Taylor crying his heart out that there is no Barbra or Judy CD in the house where he is depressed over his ended relationship.

A gem, definitely. Only wish that the ending could be happier.

Box Office: $1,744,858 (USA)
Won GLAAD Media Awards 2001 Outstanding Film (Limited Release)
Nominated for Casting Society of America, USA 2001 Best Casting for Feature Film, Independent
65% Tomatometer (as of May 24, 2008)


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  1. kelkane said...
    I am glad I found your blog. I Love it. I totally agree about this movie. I think it is really well written and totally shows that Greg Berlanti just is a great writer who only gets better. I feel you on Tori for the most part. Kiss the Bride is the one thing where she works for me. Maybe I am just happy I didnt want to shoot her for onece.

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