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My favorite fashionable girls are back. These sharp ladies in the male dominated world make the men work harder to retain their egos. And I just love (and miss) every single moment of these ladies - Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

In honor of their return - to the big screen (today) and not TV - I have decided to pen down the obvious gay tv episode of Sex & The City, called All That Glitters.

In this episode, it started with the ladies being bored, and they decided to hang out the hottest place - gay club. Nothing beats the thrill for the 4 ladies to be stuck in the middle of hot, sweaty, muscular men. Even pregnant Miranda could not pass up this chance.

There, while Charlotte is taken away by her gay 'husband', Anthony (Mario Cantone), Miranda bumping into her closet gay colleague Max (Daniel Sauli) and Samantha checking out the meat packages in the men toilet, Carrie had a hard time trying to order a drink until Oliver (Murray Bartlett) shows up. Oliver is a fan of Carrie's column, and the evening ends with a promise of a lunch date between Carrie and Oliver, as well as Carrie ending up with Oliver's gay porn DVD.

One thing leads to another, Carrie bumps into her gay 'husband' Stan (Willie Garson) when she's having lunch with Oliver. Stan kids that Carrie is seeing another gay behind his back, and is jealous of the stolen attention. But it is not Stan who ends up attentionless. In the gay world, a girl stands little chance to hold on to a gay's attention when a gay looks as good as Oliver.

Carrie leaves the place to go back home to her Aidan.

Curious why girls like to watch gay porn? As said in the film, it's to watch the men squirm, when the girls pop in the DVD to watch and laugh together at the gay sex scenes on the TV screen.

Welcome back, ladies.


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