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This is my second blogging of Jay Brannan's song. This gay song spells out the heart of (almost) all gay guys out there who have this wish of building a life together with their love partner. Housewife is not released on any album, yet. Go and support Jay Brannan, and hopefully we can see him in more glamour.

Two bodies pressed together
Two boys are falling hard
The smell of sweat and leather
A kinky greeting card

Crazy about each other
We both have fucked up pasts
But when we are together
We have a fucking blast

I wanna be a housewife
What’s so wrong with that
I wanna be a housewife, yeah
And that’s just where i’m at

I’m making guacamole
He’s working on the car
When he grills turkey burgers
He knows i like them charred

I like to wash the dishes
I like to scrub the floors
Don’t mind doing his laundry
What are boyfriends for


I wanna have his baby
I wanna wear his ring
He drives me fuckin crazy
I am his everything


2nd chorus
I wanna be a housewife
What’s so wrong with that
Can’t wait ‘til he’s in my life, yeah
Cuz we haven’t met

We haven’t met yet…
We haven’t met yet…


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