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This is the gay movie that I hate to hate. But I am. I am hating it.

Kiss The Bride is the second offering from C. Jay Cox, the same director who gave us the modern classic Latter Days (2003). I have been looking forward to the film since the news about Cox handling another gay themed film was buzzing on the net. I was worried about how much I could like the film, or dislike, since that there was already ONE factor that made me stunned about the inclusion.

Kiss The Bride is about handsome gay Matt (Phillipp Karner) who has to be that male version of Julia Roberts of My Best Friend's Wedding, who has to stop his younger years gay-lover, Ryan (James O'Shea) from marrying a girl, Alex (Tori Spelling). They have lost contact since Matt left for Stanford and last saw one another 10 years ago. When they meet again, Matt wonders if there is still any spark between them, but cannot help to like Alex, which makes him feeling bad about trying to stop Ryan. But he has to. Matt knows that the reason his relationship with other guys fails so far because of his one past - he never let go of Ryan.

So, do I like the film? There is this niceness feeling about the show, that I cannot help to like. And trusting Cox, he gets the best guys to play the lead roles, just like the yummy Steve Sandvoss and Wes Ramsey in Latter Days - a winning factor. Philipp Karner and James O'Shea are delicious candymen. It just fills the voids left by Steve and Wes when we are reliving scenes of good-looking guys kissing one another.

And for the record, Steve Sandvoss is also in this film, as a nutty straight Chris who did have a gay experience once.

So, what's good about the show? The leading men. The gay romance. Seeing Steve Sandvoss again. The sparks between Matt and Ryan.

What's bad about the movie? Tori Spelling. I have never liked that girl. She was irritating in gay themed film, Trick, where she has to be that irritating fag hag who wouldn't leave the room for the gay boys to have their thing. She was the irritating girl who interrupted a possible gay scene in a sauna between the gay character (Zachary Quinto) and another handsome guy in So Notorious. In this film, she more subdued, but still, there was this irritation watching her. She is no Debra Messing (Grace). She is no Sharon Gless (Debbie in QAF). She has this spoilt-rich-daughter look that I can never overlook.

So, I can never buy the story that she manages to turn on a pure gay Matt. Hell, she's the reason why gays stay gays. And her speech at the end of the film was purely fake.

This is a gay film. It should stay gay. There should be no such line such as 'I don't love men. I just love Matt'. WTF is that?

Alex or Tori has no place in the film. Why oh why was she included in the film?

Out of 5 stars, I would have given it 4 stars until the Alex and Matt's kissing scene. And the ending is just a -2 stars. The ending wastes my two hours.

Again. Fuck. This is a gay themed film. Let it end with a gay themed happy ending.


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