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I saw this just now, and thought of sharing it here. The gay short film is called Timeless, and there is no English subtitle. The whole 8 minutes film is in Mandarin. Although I am not well-verse in Mandarin, I am able to work out what happened in the film.

A guy meets another guy who asks for direction. A friendship is built. They hang out, and eventually, both end up in the direction-seeker's place. The former is surprised to see that the latter has a girlfriend, as revealed by the photo in the room. Disappointed, he leaves. But he accidentally leaves his mobile phone. When the second guy finds his photo in the phone, he chases after the first guy. Unfortunately... well, you have to find out on your own.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    dear , i finally found someone more banana than me ...the film is in Cantonese lah ..hehe..anyway ..we love the film..thanks for sharing
    Ken & Romain

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