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Jimmy Somerville is the well-known lead singer of the group Bronski Beat, and later on, the group The Communards. Smalltown Boy was a hit for the group Bronski Beat, which talked about gay (homophobia) issue. Jimmy is gay. Several of the songs that he sang could be easily linked to the gay undertones in pop wave or disco beats.

However, it was in the album Dare to Love, released in 1995 where I am able to find more songs that directly hint on male to male emotion, aka gay love (gay song). I have identified 4 songs in the album that clearly speaks of gay emotion, namely, Love Thing, Alright, Come Lately and Because of Him. The other songs could be possibilities too. Check them out.

Dare To Love (1995)

1. Heartbeat
2. Hurts So
3. Cry
4. Love Thing

Jimmy Somerville Lyrics
Love Thing Lyrics
5. By Your Side
6. Dare To Love
7. Someday We'll Be
8. Alright

Jimmy Somerville Lyrics
Alright Lyrics
9. Too Much Of A Good Thing
10. A Dream Gone Wrong
11. Come Lately

Jimmy Somerville Lyrics
Come Lately Lyrics
12. Safe In These Arms
13. Because Of Him

Jimmy Somerville Lyrics
Because of Him Lyrics


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