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Shelter rises very high indeed, thanks to a superb performance by Trevor Wright in the lead role, a strong supporting cast, very good cinematography and, most of all, emotional authenticity. - David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

What could have been a standard-issue coming-out, coming-of-age movie develops a remarkable intimacy. - John Hartl, Seattle Times

There are several screams on net forums that claim Shelter as the best gay themed film of 2008 (which made me wonder coz IMDB listed it as a 2007 film) that I forced myself to re-watch Shelter. And sadly, the magic did not work on me. I still wonder what it has that fails to click with me.

Shelter is a well-made film, I have to give that to it. Jonah Markowitz wrote and directed this film about a young man who sacrificed his dream in order to stay with his family. Zach (Trevor Wright) gave up his dream and scholarship to pursuit studies. He choose sto stay behind to take care of his dad and his sister's child - Cody. He has a girlfriend who calls him monkey.

And then, came Shaun (Brad Rowe), the brother of his best friend. Shaun is gay, and people know about it. Zach mixes with Shaun, and his sexual orientation becomes obvious to him, although he tries hard to keep that (and also his relationship with Shaun) a secret.

When he is confronted by his sister, he begins to stay away from Shaun and that makes him even more miserable.

One thing cute that would make me remember this film could be the use of walkie-talkie. Hey, Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet has already made use of the mobile phone. So, why not a talkie? : )

At least this is not another poor B-grade gay themed film that takes advantage of the gays' hunger for more gay love stories. This film is one that is made tastefully, and should have no problem in serving the market well. But personally for me, I still await for the better gay themed film of the year. But don't let my words fool you. Just take a look at the awards it has won so far...

Won Dallas OUT TAKES 2007 Best Film and Best Actor (Trevor Wright)
Won Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2007 first-time Director
Won Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2007 Favorite Feature Film And New Director
Won Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2007

  • Favorite Feature Film
  • Lead Actor (Trevor Wright)
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Supporting Actress (Tina Holmes)
Box Office: $139,194 (USA)

Rottentomatoes: 53% of Tomatometer (as of May 25, 2008)



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