I love French gay films. The men are cute. The storyline is good. And the men are cute.

Nothing messes up a happy family (and proud parents, especially the dad) easier than a successful son arriving home to announce that he is gay. This is what Times Have Been Better is about - a gay themed film that focuses on the parents coping the 33 year old son coming out.

Jeremy (Arnaud Binard) arrives home to announce that he has been promoted, that his promotion would be featured in magazine, that he is moving to a spacious loft, and that he is gay. And that he is living with his male lover, Marc (Pierre Deny). And immediately, he leaves, leaving his parents to confront his news on their own. Which also leaves Robin (Oliver Gueritee), his cute younger brother to watch the home drama unfold.

Guy (Bernard Le Coq), Jeremy's dad, does not take the news well, unlike Rosine (Charlotte de Turckheim) the ever devoted mother. Guy has questions that no one is willing to answer him, including Robin. He becomes bitter and angry - before, during and after meeting Marc. He takes the anger out on Rosine as well as on his friends. Guy can never understand how his wife is so easily willing to embrace the news, unlike him. Rosine becomes closer to her gay colleague and leaves Guy.

To clear the mess, Jeremy has to take the step of going back and face the problem. And save his parents' marriage.

I adore this film, for it tackles the issue of coming out, being gay and more in different light. It tells us that coming out is not an issue that gays have to bear with. Those whom we come out to face their shares of problems too. Charlotte is a charmer.

A delightful film.

Won New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2007 Best Foreign Narrative Feature


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