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Directed by Todd Stephens and written by Tim Kaltenecker, this fun gay themed teenage film, Another Gay Movie, talks about 4 young friends who are eager to lose their virginities. Andy, Jarod, Griff and sissy (and major turned-off) Nico are 4 teenage gay guys who have their shares of gay experiences, except for the big A. Vowing to lose that before the summer ends, they go out in search for the man.

This funny gay film mixes its story with spoof scenes from American Pie (that pie scene), Get Real (the toilet scene), Edge of Seventeen (the piano scene), Broken Hearts Club (the baseball scene) and QAF USA (that Debbie thing). And it is a feel good movie, with no pretense to be a heavy drama and moral preaching. It is silly in a good way, while promises a lot of skin scenes (thank God!).

The eye candies here are Andy (Michael Corbonaro) who has the hots for his school teacher, Jarod (Jonathan Chase) who is too concious about his size and Griff (Mitch Morris) who secretly has this crush for Jarod. The irritating character is Nico, as well as Muffler and the guest star Survivor's Richard Hatch.

So, Andy does not score nicely with his Mr Puckov. He gets his 'TWO' happy endings. Jarod found his true love. Griff gets his wish. And Nico gets his 'daddy'.

And we get a sequel. Without the original actors, except for the one who is acting as Nico. Bummer.

But still, a sequel is better than nothing. : )

It is a good movie to own and watch over and over again. I think I have seen this movie 5 times now. :p

Box Office: $654,132
Golden Trailer Awards (2007) - Nominated Trashiest
L.A. Outfest (2006) - Won Grand Jury Award Best Actor in a Feature Film and Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film (Michael Carbonaro)

Link: IMDB


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