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Aaron prays. Christian plays... Opposites attract.

"...pleasant." - Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic

"..winning, heartfelt.." - Roger Moore, ORLANDO SENTINEL

Latter Days is a gay romantic film, designed to please the audience who are eager for a beautiful story between two lovable, gorgeous male leads. The character names Aaron and Christian, as well as the main stars, Steve Sandvoss and Wes Ramsey would be fondly remembered among the gays for this charming film.


Director, Writer : C. Jay Cox
Producer : Funny Boy Films, Davis Entertainment Filmworks
Steve Sandvoss as Elder Aaron Davis
Wes Ramsey as Christian William Markelli
Rebekah Johnson as Julie Taylor
Amber Benson as Traci Levine
Jacqueline Bisset as Lila Montagne
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Elder Paul Ryder



Storyline : Aaron is on a mission. A Mormon mission. He is going to be away from his family for 2 years. As he arrives at his new place, he has one obstacle. His neighbor is the good-looking flirtatious sleep-around Christian. Christian makes a bet with his friends that he would bed with Aaron. He is confident to convert even the hard-core straights. Aaron lives with fear - the fear that his secret would be uncovered. One thing leads to another - and when Christian makes the move on Aaron, the one blunder Christian says is 'It does not have to mean a thing'. Aaron believes differently. He believes his first time should not be a 'means-nothing'.

Aaron accuses Christian of being an empty shell, where nothing within him is worthy. Christian wants to disagree, and to change. He offers himself for volunteery work.

In their first kiss, Aaron is caught by his elders, and is taken off his missionary duty. It is left to Christian to find Aaron back before he loses Aaron once again.

This gay romantic melodrama draws on an unconscionable number of conventions, but works in the end because of its commitment to its characters and a handful of fine performances.
- Dave Kehr, New York Times

It's timely, not to mention refreshing, to see an affirmation of true love over hot sex, along with a reminder that the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.
- Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

At once romantic, earthy and socially critical, Latter Days is a dynamic film filled with humor and pathos.
- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Cox's screenplay, while occasionally lapsing into the sort of cliches endemic to so many gay-themed films, generally treats its unusual subject matter with dignity and complexity, and the characters are well-drawn and sympathetic.
- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

Although a good deal of what happens is predictable, the writer-director C. Jay Cox makes much of it pleasant.
- Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic

Despite the inherent clich├ęs, Latter Days manages to rise above its formulaic plot, mainly because of the assured performance by Mr. Sandvoss.
- Charles Ealy, Dallas Morning News


Awards :
Won Audience Awards for
  • Outstanding First Narrative Feature in Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Best Feature in Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Best Feature Film or Video in Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

Release Date : 2003
Running Time : 107 min.
Country : United States
Language : English
Budget : $819,939
Box Office : $834,685



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