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Found an old posting of mine, and since that I have yet many other items to post up, I thought I'd like to share this one here...

Proud to say, I have finished reading another novel.
Embarrassingly, I have to admit that it is a novel meant for teenagers, but hey, I feel young. So, I should be allowed to read, right? Anyway, my credit card bill said so, since that I paid for it.

Just completed reading Boy Meet Boys - a nicely written story on Paul, who is going through high school romance, with a newfound boyfriend - Noah. The story revolves around his daily life, with Joni, the best friend in the picture, as well as the complication brought by half-closet-in, half-closet-out ex-boyfriend, Kyle. I love the way the author, David Levithan, played with the dialogues. Wonderfully written, and light to read.

Anyway, this is my 3rd light guilty pleasure, since my last 2 novels reading - Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High, which was written by Alex Sanchez. While BMB is a make-believe story world, revolving an imaginary life where gays and lesbians are accepted easily in school, Rainbow series was more realistic, in addressing the issues of phobias. In fact, biasly, I was more attracted in reading Rainbow series, coz I was hooked with the Kyle on the cover. Jason on the Rainbow Boys' cover was more appealing, but I did not like the second Jason on the Rainbow High's cover - Jason looked more like the leftover from the tv series ER, wrongly selected as a 29 year old guy, pretending to be a 19.

Anyway, I did remember rushing the pages, to know what would be happening next between Jason and Kyle, coz all those anticipation, blushes, crushes and hopes were almost identical of my experiences. I cannot say the same for BMB, but there is something pleasant in the make-believe world of BMB.


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