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Nightlife (1999) was the first album I could detect a clear cut gay song offering from the gay group Pet Shop Boys. There were several songs from their previous albums that could be related to the gay life, but the connection was not that obvious. They were more like closeted songs. But In Denial from Nightlife was different. It spelled out the word gay.

And In Denial did get a help from Kylie Minogue, a rising gay icon.

In denial, no
my life's a trial
I'm not denying
that every little bit hurts
It's a problem
that I'm not solving
Don't mind admitting
I feel like quitting this job
for a while, getting away
before it gets any worse today

You're in denial
and that is final
You're not admitting
you should be quitting all these
queens and fairies
and muscle Marys
the rough trade boyfriend
who in his pathetic own way
denies he's gay
Why can't you see?
This is a fantasy world

Think I'm going mad
How d'you know if you're going mad?

Look at me I'm lonely

Look at me I'm sad

I'm not denying
I could be trying
a little harder
to deal with some of this stuff

Know what I'm thinking?
Less drugs and drinking
No cigarettes and you'd feel
a little less rough

Is that enough?
My life is absurd, I'm living it upside down
like a vampire, working at night, sleeping all day
A dad with a girl who knows he's gay

Can you love me anyway?


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