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Drawing Blood offered something different. Romance, but in a Gothic way. There were careful description of events and places, and then, there was the passion. I was hooked by what the author was offering, page by page.

Granted, it was not a normal pace to end the story. In fact, I was horrified to continue reading, fearing an ending that I could not accept between the two young handsome characters - Zach and Trevor, the unlikely lovers. One is a computer genius on the run from the law. The other is a drawing artist, running back to face his past. Trevor's mother and brother were brutally murdered by his father, who killed himself eventually. Trevor went back to the house where his nightmare began.

But then again, this book was not without flaws of its own. I am not familiar with the author's writings, but I am familiar with ghost and horror stories. So, I did expect more. There was a middle chapter that spooked me, and I had wished for more.

Still, I am glad to add this book into my collection.


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