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I just love French films. Especially when it deals with love and sex. They are not stingy on the skin scenes, and at last, I see Louis Garrel in a proper gay scenes, instead of a homo subtext scenes.

Les Chansons D'Amour is a musical film, that deals with the life of Ismael and his affairs with the people around him. It was directed and written by Christophe Honoré. The fun for the shallow me starts halfway through this film - when cute Erwann (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet) was introduced. Ismael (Louis Garrel) was staying overnight at Erwann's place. And Erwann was infatuated. Who can blame him? We were infatuated by Louis since The Dreamers (2003) and Ma Mere (2004), where in both films, we were denied of our pleasure for a good gay scene.

Erwann and Ismael make a cute gay couple, except that Erwann has to work hard to get Ismael's affection. Ismael has just lost his girlfriend. One thing leads to another, and they kiss. It was heaven for me to see they two locking lips.

But it is not a smooth journey for both. When Ismael is caught in bed with Erwann, his guilt keeps him away from Erwann.

I am happy to see a film that starts not with gay theme, but ends with a happy one. : )

Cabourg Romantic Film Festival 2007 - Won Best Director
Cannes Film Festival 2007 - Nominated for Golden Palm (Christophe Honoré)
César Awards, France 2008 - Won Best Music Written for a Film
- Nominated Best Sound
- Most Promising Actor Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet
- Most Promising Actress Clotilde Hesme
Étoiles d'Or 2008 - Won Best Composer

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