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Remember that cute boy who strumming his guitar, singing the divine song Soda Shop, in the film Shortbus? Well, he was the 3rd party in the threesome gay sex scene in the film. Well, that cutie Jay Brannan, minus his cute hair, has been crooning songs and they are all available online. And he has this one song named Ever After Happily. More of a story about a boy lover who walks away from another boy. Perhaps the fairy tale love world is only for the straights. Sad, eh?

The smell of a candle
Freshly blown out
The light of the clock
Shines on my skin
Like a sickly green moonlight
On a pale white day’s decay
I try to wipe you from my memory
But your face won’t fade away

Another boy kissed me today
I laughed in his mouth
It’s not funny that I’m not kissing you
I’m not laughing because we fell through
It’s the stories they told us when we were younger about life and love
How our happiness lies in the hands of another
Who’d fly in on the wings of a dove

Well that’s the way the fairy tale goes
Boy meets girl and they wed with roses
But that’s not the way it seems to be
And I’m pissed that they lied to me
Cuz boy meets boy and boy runs away
Or girl meets girl and she’s afraid to stay
We end up home alone watching court tv
Not living ever after happily

You’re right
You are prince charming
Onto the next princess when he’s bored with the last
He’s the hero of every story
He’s got his chapter in every girl’s book
He walks away with all the honor and glory
But I wonder what else he took

Goodbye, prince charming
And drown sleeping beauty
Shove Cinderella’s slipper where the sun don’t shine
Toss the little mermaid back out to sea
Cuz the fairy godmother had to perform another abortion today
And the seven dwarfs live in the forest, of course, cuz they were driven away
But this part of the story could spark a cultural rage
So at the sound of the tone we just turn the page


Starting today
We’ll tell the story my way
The king of imperfection
Takes back the prince of mistakes


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