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This is how gay love story should be like. Something that ends and makes me longing for more. It's absolutely fabulously written.

I came across this book by accident. And now, I am happy to claim it to be my favorite novel of all time. Yes, even better than my then-favorite-book-of-all-time Kane and Abel.

This book - Almost Like Being In Love - tells the simple story of 2 guys - Craig and Travis. One is a jock. The other.. well, is not. It tells us of their short-lived love affair, and what happened 20 years later. The funny thing is that this book requires no convensational way of telling a story - it tells stories from a series of letters, memos etc. And the question is - what if the guy that you let go 20 years ago is the reason for your screwed-up love life, your screwed-up life and your screwed-up happiness? What if the guy you let go 20 years ago is the one guy who could be the one for you? And the bad news is that Craig is already attached. And the worse news is that Travis actually likes the guy Craig is attached to. Like, as in approve - Not as in 'in love'.

I enjoyed reading the humor in these guys' lives, told in an absolute divine way by Kluger. And you know what - I was so in love with the book, that I had resigned myself to accept the ending of the book, no matter how Kluger decided to end it. I was in love. With Craig. With Travis. With the funny, light, wonderful story. And with Craig's partner. I just did not see how the story could end happy for all. And for me.

But it did.

This book deserves a 5-star. : )


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