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This book made me a fan of Bart Yates. Once I got myself started on this book, I could not put it down. I was curious. I was hooked. I just needed to complete reading the whole book so that I would know the fates of Nathan and Tommy Bishops. I needed to know how their frustration and lust turned their life around, or turned their life upside down.

Nathan is gay. So is Tommy. Talk about finding a family where both the sons are gays. Nathan lived comfortably with his past - the ghost of his father's ungentle love continues to haunt him. Tommy was the one who had the easier way out. He moved away. Nathan's life was as peaceful as it was expected to be in a dead town.. until Tommy showed up with his new hunky boyfriend and a straight couple, Kyle and Camille. It was not easy for Nathan to deal with 4 in his quiet life, and the situation was made worse with Simon, his student who suddenly took interest in Nathan - but to find comfort in Tommy eventually. Kyle left Camille frustrated when he became infatuated with Nathan.

One thing led to another, and the gay love and gay lives of these guys revolved the unsettled issues of Nathan and Tommy with their dead father.

I giggled at the funny moments that Bart Yates managed to pen masterfully into his story-telling. At the same time too, I was fascinated by these fictional characters that seemed to have real lives within the paper pages that I held in my hands. I only wish that I could say that I was totally in love with the ending.

Still, this The Brothers Bishop is an easy 5-Star.


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